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Beelong Street on Macleay Island has been cut off to traffic for the past four months, and it is to stay that way for some time yet.

Redland City Council’s City Operations Group closed and detoured this section of road on 14 Feb 2018 due to low/drooping lines, which have since been repaired by Telstra.

It was thought that the road would be re-opened after the line was corrected, but not so.

It is known that deliveries of mail and parcels have been affected by the road closure.

Beelong Street on Macleay Island is sealed except for a small section of unsealed road near the northern end of the island.

At one stage, branches were laid on the road by local residents in an attempt to slow drivers and prevent them hitting the lines. However, delivery personnel were hampered by this effort.

Redland City Council then installed ‘witches’ hats initially, and then formal barriers soon after.

Council’s City Infrastructure Group recommended the road remain closed until resurfacing could be carried out.

This is due, they say, to the ‘narrow nature and poor condition’ of that section of the road claiming it a hazard to motorists, particularly those approaching the area at speed.

The Green Seal resurfacing is programmed for this area in July/August this year, weather permitting.

Council also claims that the closure of this small section of road does not present any risk in the event of a fire as there are several alternative access points available.

However, it does cut off a popular coastal route around Macleay Island.

Council says is not ‘aware’ of any reports of injury as a result of postal workers attempting to deliver mail.

• Beelong Street barriers

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