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New President to give Macleay Island Arts Complex Inc New Directions

The Macleay Island Arts Complex Inc. has a new president.

And it is someone with a limited artistic background, but who has plenty to offer via an impressive corporate background.

Craig Shanks is the new MIAC leader.

He was elected at a special meeting held at MIAC that was chaired by Cr Mark Edwards for the purpose.

“The Councillor said: “With his administrative skills, I believe Craig at the helm will be of huge benefit to the arts on our islands.”

A resident of Macleay Island for more than 10 years, Craig Shanks brings to MIAC a ‘fresh approach’ to leadership.

Craig freely admits he does not have an artistic background.

However, he does have strong leadership skills via his previous positions as a project manager in both the private sector and in Government.

“Project planning, administration and negotiation are my skills and I am happy to assist MIAC in those areas, particularly in relation to obtaining help, assistance and funding in various areas.

“I believe there is a strong future for the arts on our islands,” Craig told The Friendly Bay Islander.

He added: “I will leave the art to the artists, and if I can help in any way with my skills, I hope that will prove a bonus to the island artistic community.”

• Cr Mark Edwards (right) with the MIAC Committee of Dorren Fry, Judith Brady, new president Craig Shanks, Laura Strohfeldt.