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The Bay Islands are fortunate to now being serviced with accounting practices by Annette Bedford of The A Firm.

The A Firm has branches in Redland Bay and at Nerang on the Gold Coast.

What most people do not know, is that Annette Bedford has been officially recognised as one of Australia’s top 50 businesswomen by the prestigious Business Review Weekly.

We are indeed fortunate that Annette, via The A Firm, is now making her services available to island business and residents.

She does not regard The A Firm as an accountancy firm. It is a Financial Solutions Group.

“We are about showing business how to operate their businesses in a way that will avoid the pitfalls of business and develop wealth creation.”

Annette says it is a ‘sad statistic’ that 75% of all businesses that start up in Australia, fail.

“Many people who start a business are good at what they do.

“What many do not have the skills for include the ability to handle the financial and regulatory side of business. It can be a minefield.”

Annette Bedford admits that many people who decide to start a business should have available to them a ‘short course’ on what to look out for when establishing and running a business.

With than in mind, The A Firm has developed a step-by-step plan to assist people who are thinking about starting a business titled: ‘Is Business Right for You?’

It should be a ‘must read’ for anyone in business.

Annette has moved on from those ‘heady’ years that saw her ‘revolutionise’ how accounting handled the GST.

It is a great story.

Rather than be daunted by the GST, Annette embraced the direction in finance that turned Australian business on its head.

The GST, that was introduced by the Howard Government on July 1, 2000, was a seminal moment for Annette Bedford.

“I learned everything I could about the tax, put on extra staff, and began running seminars for bookkeepers and accountants.”

It turned into an exciting new business venture for Annette.

The result was a financial network called First Class Accountants, and a system that would do it all for the financial community, and set about becoming No 1 in Australia within five years, establishing more than 190 franchises.

The system included systems to help manage the GST, accounting procedures, even down to uniforms and car signage.

She eventually sold her then accountancy practice in 2005 and headed in more directions, and for her efforts she was voted one of Business Review Weekly’s Top 50 Business Woman of the Year!

The A Firm is not just another accountancy firm. It is located in the Redland Bay Shopping Centre on the corner of Broadwater Terrace and Stradbroke Street, a few doors south of the Post Office. You can phone them on 38290792.

• Annette Bedford at her desk