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Community, what is it? What does it mean to you? Personally, I think a healthy community means people connecting, communicating, listening and supporting each other. It requires mindfulness, consideration and respect for each other. To be healthy it also requires adding dashes of forgiveness and open mindedness towards others. Allowing people to be themselves, to live their unique lives and finding the vibrancy and colour that it brings to all our lives.

There are people who play the role of helpers, those that need help, and plenty of people who get on independently in every community, but no matter which of those you identify with, having connection with community, creates wellness and sense of belonging. Our Islands have a diverse range of people, and in my mind that is why they are so interesting. I love hearing all the background stories, the many reasons why people chose to call this home, and in more recent years the amount of people who are attracted here because they love the sense of community here, and care about their health and the health of the environment. Our Tuesday Open Farm and Market Days are a great place to connect with Community.

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing the Happy Café concept to our beautiful Tuesday gatherings. This program is supported by the Dalai Lama, and is especially popular throughout England.

Our Happy Café on Macleay Island will be the 3rd to begin in Australia and I believe the 107th in the World. We are already well known for our positive and happy vibe at the Organic Market and Farm and adding sessions to our Tuesdays to discuss the 10 key steps to happiness will only enhance what we are doing. It will also give patrons the opportunity to learn positive techniques to add to their daily routines to enhance their happiness and to ripple out into our community.

In a world filled with stress, bad news stories, and staggering numbers of people who feel isolated and disconnected, Happy Cafes are popping up around the World to give support and respite. Participants in the weekly meetings feel more connected, valued and happier from applying the techniques and ideas that are discussed together.

Finding your tribe, finding a setting where a sense of community is gathered and where your welcomed is extremely important to our wellbeing. For almost Seven years we have held a community hub space at the Organic Market each week on a Saturday. This year we extended that to a Tuesday, and it has been such a sweet gathering of people, having a cuppa, chatting together, joining in the weekly jam session and of course having the opportunity to buy their chemical free produce and eco-friendly goods to top up for the week.

There are always plenty of jobs to be done here, and we invite Volunteers to come and get involved in the Farm projects each week. This always vary but there are certain jobs that we require help with each week, e.g. seed raising, planting and weeding. If you up for some out doors work, and to be part of the Friends of the Farm program we will tell you right now, that you will be very valued and appreciated.

Tuesdays at the Organic Market and Farm are a great place to meet with friends, and to join in the various fun activities; our gates open at 9.30am for folk interested in volunteering, 10.30am Happy Café Session, and from Noon the fun Jam Sessions with Michael and Ed begin, please bring along your instrument and / or sing along with the fabulous tunes.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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