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Russell Island mail deliveries have become very sophisticated and a little bit flashy!

The island ‘postie’ Frank O’Rourke has upgraded his delivery vehicles.

He now has a fleet of four Subaru Forester AWD vehicle to deliver the mail.

“In the past we have always have had much smaller delivery vehicles.

“That was because we needed the smaller cars to get close to island letter boxes,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

However, things have changed when it comes to delivering mail, particularly on the islands.

“Mail has changed considerably. There are hardly any letters anymore thanks to emails and the internet.

“However, parcel delivery has grown dramatically,” Frank added.

Also, he has just renewed his contract with Australia Post for a further five years taking it until 2023.

“The small cars were no longer suitable for deliveries.

“We now need bigger vehicles to take the bigger parcels that we are now required to deliver.

“That’s why we decided on the Subaru Foresters.

“They are a step up for us. They are a quality vehicle and are much bigger and can carry the bigger parcels that we are now receiving, easily.”

Frank obtained the vehicles from Cricks Highway dealership at Springwood.

“They have really looked after us and all our team are really happy with the new Subarus.”

The Russell Island ‘postie’ also took the opportunity to make an appeal to all island home owners.

“The majority of island letter boxes are inadequate and are way too small.

“The days of the old letter box are gone.

“With parcels now the majority of island postal deliveries, I would ask to island home owners and residents to upgrade their letter boxes.

“We need them as big as possible to contain the items we are now required to deliver.

“I ask island residents to check out their letter boxes and please replace them with much bigger covered boxes that will hold larger items, please,” Frank O’Rourke implored.

• Frank O’Rourke (right) with his delivery team of Vivien Fleming, Peter Hall, Tracey Allanson and Frank O'Rourke. (Missing staff Patty Greaves and Len Quinn).

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