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There are some who would have us believe that the Council is to blame for absolutely everything.

In the case of the alleged CCTV camera installations for the x4 islands, those who are responsible for their installation, the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce, would like us to believe it is all the council’s fault.

Apart from a minor approval or two, the CCTV cameras as planned, has nothing to do with the Redland City Council.

For a start, the funds for the CCTV cameras were provided by the Federal Government from a grant obtained by Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming.

Nearly $10,000 was made available to purchase the CCTV cameras which, to this day, we have not been made privy to what type of cameras or system that is supposed to be installed.

The Federal Minister came to Weinam Creek to make an announcement stating that the Federal Government would make CCTV cameras available to the island and the mainland.

That was nearly 18 months ago.

So what has happened since?

From what we can tell, it seems those who made the application for the CCTV cameras, the Chamber of Commerce, didn’t take into consideration a number of other factors such as installation costs and electricity to the cameras.

Why no research was done by people with the appropriate knowledge when it comes to this technology, still amazes.

Were solar units considered, and what about location of nearest electricity supply?

Recently the chamber made a claim that it was all council’s fault because they had ‘promised’ funding for the installations.

That is not true.

In fact, the only application for additional funds by the chamber towards the project from council was for $700 to provide security boxes for the equipment, and council gave near immediate approval for the cameras to be located on council property.

If the chamber’s claim re funding for installations was true, why did the chamber months ago start a fund raising campaign to raise $8000 towards the installations, with $2000 already provided by the Combined Islands Association?

And what about the funding opportunity that was offered by Member for Redlands Kim Richards!

All the chamber had to do, if it was so desperate for funds to complete the project, was to take up the offer from the Redlands MP to help apply for a grant via the Community Gambling Funds.

They did not even bother to take up her offer!

In relation to the CCTV cameras to be located on Russell Island, the chamber has stated that the cameras must be located on the jetties (a responsibility of the State Government) under the terms of the agreement with the Federal Government in relation to the grant.

It has been pointed out that if this situation was to occur, the cameras would be located on jetties that are soon to be removed for new jetty construction.

No ‘common sense’ has prevailed at any time when it has come to these cameras.

Why not locate them on nearby structures such as the Russell Island Recreation Hall where electricity is readily available.

Similar alternate installation points could be found on the other islands, too.

Island technician Travis Pace, who has never been consulted at any stage by the chamber, has told the Friendly Bay Islander that cameras could have been installed and operational months ago, had ‘they bothered to ask’.

“I would have been happy to have installed them at no charge, just to help out the community and I could have accessed better and more functional equipment for a much cheaper price,” he said.

It seems the truth has been blemished by unbelievable incompetence.

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