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If a well-known island developer gets his way, the new multi-million jetties destined for our islands, could contain an exciting cafe concept.

Developer and island investor, Todd Reinke, wants first class cafe dining to be located on the water as part of the new jetties recently announced by the State Government.

He is prepared to develop the cafes on both the Russell Island and Macleay Island new jetties.

The Palaszczuk government recently announced in the State Budget it will splash out $17.5 million for ferry terminal infrastructure on the four Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

It is estimated the cost for a new Russell Island ferry terminal is $10.8 million, Macleay Island $6 million, Lamb Island $5 million and Karragarra $4.5 million.

The schedule announced by the State Government will see the State-funded new jetty on Russell Island being built this new financial year.

The budget, however, has allocated just half the funds for the construction of new jetties for Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra, but these will not be available to the 2019-2020 financial year and, hopefully, will give the State Government and Redland City Council time to sort out their funding differences.

Todd Reinke will be remembered by many as one of the original developers and partners of the Russell Island Shopping Centre along with Ian Larkman.

The Larkmans have since taken over full ownership of the shopping centre.

Todd has been involved with the construction and development industry for 25 years.

Todd wants his cafe concept to be part of the new jetty systems on both Macleay and Russell jetties.

He told The Friendly Bay Islander: “I have been working on the proposed ferry terminal cafes with Cr Mark Edwards and the Redland City Council for the past 18 months.

“I have had a meetings with architects, briefing them on my proposed water front ferry terminal cafes on the Russell and Macleay Island's proposed new ferry terminals.

“I have asked for the cafe designs to allow for exterior and internal entry toilets so that the public could access the toilets who were not using the cafes and waiting for or exiting the ferries.

“People living on the Islands along with visitors/boaties and tourists will be able to use the cafes and toilet facilities.

“I am prepared to meet all costs associated with the construction of the cafe buildings and amenities,” Todd said.

He added that he had been ‘told the Council officers I was dealing with that they thought I had an excellent proposal regarding the cafes and that they supported the idea.’

He has now sought to meet with Translink and intends discussing the proposal with Kim Richards (State MP for Redlands).

Whether Todd Reinke’s proposals for the cafes on the new jetties for Russell and Macleay Islands become reality, will be a decision to be made by Translink.

• Todd Reinke wants to build cafes on Russell and Macleay jetties.

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