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Some ‘big guns’ have come out in support of the cafe-restaurant proposal for the new jetties on both Russell and Macleay Islands.

The developer and island investor Todd Reinke has met with government authorities since we announced his intentions in our August edition.

“Since the story appeared in The Friendly Bay Islander, I have many calls of support for the proposal.

“I have also met with both State Government and Local Government representatives and I have received a strong indication of support so far.”

Todd Reinke says he has had meetings with State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, and Cr Mark Edwards the Division 5 representative on Redland City Council.

“Both have offered encouraging support.

“They said my proposal would offer a huge boost to island visitation and tourism.”

However, the body he will have to deal with will be Translink.

And it may not be an easy process (see Hot Goss in this edition)

Todd Reinke says he has already had meetings with architects, and has already considered the cost of the investment.

“I believe cafe-restaurants directly over the water linked to both jetties would prove a huge boost to the islands and to future island tourism.

“I have asked for the cafe designs to allow for exterior and internal entry toilets so that the general public could access the toilets.

“People living on the Islands along with visitors/boaties and tourists will be able to use the cafes and toilet facilities.

“I am prepared to meet all costs associated with the construction of the cafe buildings and amenities,” Todd said.

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