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Those pesky ‘Renegades’ on Macleay Island have been at it again!

The group are renowned for their island carpentry efforts in constructing magnificent leisure seating around and about the island.

In recent times, they have also started constructing Street Libraries, recently featured on the front cover of the May edition.

The latest effort, however, is the installation of a new bench seat in Charles Terrace in front of the Paul Carter Wetlands sign.

The group have been quite clever about it; using the sign as a back rest in the construction.

According to Ian Kirk of The Renegades, this latest seat ”replaces a seat formerly located somewhere in the vicinity, but not seen for some time”.

The bench will provide a rest location for those walking the island Heritage Trail.

Ian Kirk says the group should have a few street libraries ready for installation in the coming days.

He added: “By the time our builds are complete, Macleay Island will probably have the most street libraries for any small community in the Country”.