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One point heard loud and clear during Saturday’s session was the concerns around water being extracted from North Stradbroke Island. In response Mayor Karen Williams has written to Seqwater asking them to undertake an urgent review of the extraction of water from North Stradbroke Island. Specifically the letter requests:

  • A full hydrological survey of water supplies on North Stradbroke Island, including all bore fields, Brown Lake (Bummiera), Herring Lagoon and relevant water tables and aquifers these water supplies draw. I further request the results of this work be provided to Council and the community.

  • A summary of Seqwater’s regulatory compliance with DNRME water licence surface water and ground water conditions.

  • Ecological Impact reports and their summaries required by the DNRME water licences.

  • A review of Seqwater supply plans regarding the amount of water extracted from North Stradbroke Island, with the details of this review to include engagement with the community, including local Traditional Owners who have strong cultural connections to water on the island. I would also appreciate the detail of the review being provided to the community.

  • A review of the broader water supply situation in the Redlands, including how much water is taken from the Redlands and how much comes into the Redlands.

Another point raised was the condition of the road into Brown Lake (Bummiera). We are also pleased to advise that already some minor maintenance has been completed on the road to improve access. This road is not under Council ownership but we are working together with our island partners. Council also aims to undertake the pavement repairs on the barge ramp closed traffic lane as a matter of some urgency. I acknowledge there has been let downs and delays in the past and commuters are wanting action on what appears simple. While some stabilising work has been completed, further work includes compliance with State Government heritage requirements for protecting the heritage-listed convict seawall. Therefore, the estimated time-frame to complete all pre-work approval tasks is very dependent on these permits. The intention is to be on site during October 2018. Cross everything, but this seems real.

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