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Two Macleay Island concreting contractors are playing a significant role in the finishing touches to the island’s $8.5 million foreshore car park precinct.

Paul Alan of Island Concreting and Kane Purpin of Kano Concreting have been brought in to do much of the laying and finishing of concrete paving.

The pair, whose teams often work together on various projects, have brought in their concreting crews to provide the ‘finishing touches’ to the project.

This involves the forming and laying of many of the concreting elements to the project including pathways and borders.

“We were originally brought in when help was required to construct the extensive concrete pads involved with the forming of the new boat ramps.

“We were then offered the additional work of installing many of the pathways and concreting edging and borders required for this project,” Paul Alan told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The island trades people are expected to remain on site doing concrete work for the next couple of months.

• Kane Purpin (left) and Paul Alan (right) pouring a section of new pathway