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The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the swallows are darting around the sky, and Spring is in the air. If you’re enjoying the warmer days in the garden, then pop in to the Market and have a look at the large range of Organic Seeds, and Gardening Products which are available every Saturday and Tuesday. We even stock Garden Spades, Forks and Post Hole Shovels at great prices.

If you’re wondering why purchasing Organic Garden Seeds is preferable to the commercial varieties, there are some good reasons. Firstly organic seeds have not been coated in chemical to preserve them, therefore in its infancy an organic seed is free from chemicals, and not absorbing them as it starts its journey into the world. Secondly, the Organic Seeds are collected from older breeds of plants, and seed saved to encourage plant diversity, and the opportunity to provide food security through diversity. We have a large range including our favourite ‘Moon and Stars Watermelon’ variety.

To kick your garden into life, try applying one of our popular products; ‘Instant Humus’ to your garden. Humus is the organic matter that is essential for soil fertility. Having Humus in your soil helps moisture retention and supports the beneficial biology in your soil, which means you require less synthetic/chemical applications for the growth of your plants. Humus improves mineral retention, promotes root growth and apparently neutralises toxic residues and heavy metals. ‘Instant Humus’ is a concentrated soluble humic acid granule that can confer the many benefits of humus in soils with low levels of organic matter.

Composting is the other way to produce Humus and is a great way to get rid of waste in your garden and the organic waste from your kitchen. There are many ways to do this, including using biological agents to add to the compost heap when you first make it. It adds all the right bacteria to break the down compost more quickly and create rich humus to add back to your garden. We have a great product in stock that will help to fire up that compost and produce results more quickly.

Interested in knowing more about Composting or Permaculture? We stock the fabulous Pip Magazine, filled with articles on how to live the good life; growing your own food, natural parenting, keeping animals, design, natural building, and fermenting. Each magazine includes how to guides, recipes and profiles on people and businesses to inspire you.

So, you have your garden bed prepared with Organic Humus, you’ve purchased some organic seed, and your inspired by that great article you read in the Pip Magazine, now it’s time to pop some seeds or seedlings into the ground. The best organic help you can provide at this point is to apply ‘Organic Sea Change’. It contains a combination of kelp, fish, chelating agents, soil conditioners and growth promotants. These natural plant and soil foods are renowned for their capacity to kickstart seedlings and improve seed germination and plant establishment.

Once your seedlings are established there are two other certified organic products which will support the optimal growth of your plants. ‘Organic Boost’ which offers a wide range of nutrients, including organic nitrogen, trace elements, kelp and natural plant growth promotants, in a concentrated liquid suitable for all gardens.

For Fruit, Vegetable and Flower production we recommend ‘Organic Blooms’ which offers a highly available form of potassium that plants and trees can easily access. It will ensure a good crop.

If you’re interested more specific information about Plant propagation, Biodynamic Growing, Permaculture, or Vegetable Growing we have a great assortment of affordable Guides which summarise their topics in an easy to understand fashion. In the same range there are also Guides which also cover many of the food topics including Super Foods, and Super Food Snacks, and Nutrition. Plus, we stock recipe books to help you turn that produce into delicious meals. Got a glut of organically grown fruit or vegetables? Come down and see us, we are happy to support local growers, who support chemical free practices. We look forward to seeing you at the Organic Market.

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