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Well, if you are a financial member in good standing of the Russell Island RSL Club, you had better be at the club on Saturday, September 15, when $10,000 will be ‘up for grabs’ for 1 lucky member.

To herald the introduction of the club’s new membership card/swipe system several months ago, the club made $10,000 cash available to be won.

It was designed to encourage full and social members to visit the club more often.

The more their membership card is swiped, the more chances members have of winning the $10,000.

“The new membership system has been a huge success,” says sub branch president Anthony Gleeson.

“It was a big exercise establishing the new computerised membership program and equipment, but it has been brilliant.”

“Just swiping the card on entry, saved all the previous membership sign-ins of previous generations,” he said.

The $10,000 prize was made available to help promote the new system and to give island members the opportunity of receiving a huge cash bonus.

“We are the first of any club on the islands to do anything like this, starting out with our car giveaway promotions a few years ago,”Anthony Gleeson said.

Saturday, September 15 will certainly be a day to be enjoyed at the Russell Island RSL Club.

“The day’s activities are to start at 11am and will continue throughout the day till late.

“We are not saying what time the big draw will take place.

“However, if you want to win, then you have to be there when the draw takes place,” the president added.

You won’t be bored during the day.

It will be just like a big party with competitions, fun, entertainment, prizes and, of course, the big $10,000 draw!

It is still not too late to be in with a chance to win.

If you are not a club member, you can still join up as a social member for just $10

And until the big draw on Saturday, September 15, get into the club as many times as you can and swipe away!

• Anthony Gleeson ready to give away $10,000 to some lucky club member

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