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Ran into our Redlands MP Kim Richards the other night at the RICARTS art event for Kinga Rapinsky and she told us she has a new puppy at home. It’s very cute and definitely white and fluffy. It is a mixed Maltese Shih Tzu. Having had some experience with some elements of these breeds we assured Kim that it will bark plenty and run away a lot . . . but still very cute!


Redlands Coast’s Inspiring Seniors have been unveiled for 2018 at part of this year’s Seniors Week celebrations. Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said she was proud to be able to recognise the inspirational locals as part of the annual Blue Care community initiative, now in its tenth year. The recipient for Division 5 was Vonney Vayanos of Macleay Island. She has lived on the island for more than 30 years and has always been community minded, working with community transport, craft groups and weekly work as a volunteer with community Blue Care respite. Cr Mark Edwards was full of praise for Connie: “She is one of the many unsung heroes who contribute so much to our island community.” Awarded recipients were acknowledged by the Redland City Mayor and Councillors and Blue Care representatives at special morning tea at Nandeebee Aged Care and Retirement Village in Alexandra Hills.


Carol Bowen has called it quits after 20 years driving taxis on Macleay Island. She has worked for four owners of the service in that period of time, with David Howell the current owner being in place for more than 10 years. It would be fair to say that Carol has seen just about anything and everything over those 20 years. “There have definitely been some unusual moments over the years, and that’s putting it mildly,” she said. Carol is, however, looking forward to her break, particularly visiting her family in Sydney in the coming months. Well done Carol!


The Redfest event is being held in the Redlands in the coming days. It is actually the Redfest Strawberry Festival. It is a shame that our islands do not get to be part of the festival. There are some elements of the 4 Islands Festival that could be included in such an event. We have made suggestions along these lines to the organisers and are hoping that some island participation could be encouraged in future years. Can’t see why in our super red island soils over here that we couldn’t grow ‘the biggest’ strawberry ever, or even try for the ‘best tasting’ strawberry. Let us know if you have any ideas?

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