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The islands could be missing out on opportunities for major funding grants.

Petrae McLean of the Early Learning Centre on Macleay Island believes there are some funding opportunities available in Federal and State areas that have not previously been identified.

She told The Friendly Bay Islander: “There are a group of Families and Communities Program grants (including financial crisis assistance, food relief etc to build financial capability) that are currently open for application submissions.

She says: “However, again, due to the way it has been structured at a Statistical Area SA4 level, the Redland islands do not appear to be eligible.”

“How is this being allowed to occur when the Redland Islands have been highlighted in parliament since at least 2015 as the Palm Islands of South East Qld?”.

Petrae believes the islands need access to this funding ‘badly’, so why do we continue to be excluded?

“I believe it is time that all three levels of government move mountains ‘together’ to ‘stop’ the continued funding bias against the communities of the Redland Islands.”

She says she believes the islands have the capability and the organisations on these islands to support our community.

“We just don’t get a chance because of continued funding eligibility barriers.”

She has identified:

1. Lowest percentile SEIFA SA2 areas in Qld downloaded directly from the Government website position the Redland Islands at a SEIFA Percentile 5! The island are alongside Westcourt, Tara, Eaglby, Goodna, Nanango and Beenleigh – all of which are eligible for the $ grant, BUT Redland Islands are not!

2. An extract list of priority SEIFA SA2 areas in Qld listed as eligible for these grant applications with the exception of the Redland Islands.

3. The reason why the islands are missing out is because the islands are included within Cleveland – Stradbroke (obviously not a Priority area at SA4 level due to the other wealthier suburbs).

The current community efforts to establish an island based Well Being Hub, that will be tasked with identifying and co-ordinating government funded services including enforcing consequences for breach, is to ensure the islands receive the benefit of government funding outlays, and may assist in changing the eligibility criteria for the islands.

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