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One of the great ambitions for the new foreshore attached to the $8.5 million new Macleay Island car park area, was for a sandy beach.

“It has been my ambition right from the start,” Cr Mark Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

In fact, we have written stories about that desire in previous editions.

Am impediment to a man-made beach happening, however, is regulations surrounding a designated Marine Park.

The waterways of Moreton Bay are a Marine Park and, as such, the State Government was not supportive of Council’s application for a man-made sand beach.

However, Cr Edwards believes that there is a good chance that a beach will form ‘naturally’.

“I recently spoke with an engineer on site.

“He advises that there is a ‘good chance’ a sandy beach will form naturally at the new location.

“He says currents moving through the channels between Macleay and Karragarra islands are quite strong and carry a considerable amount of sand.

“He also pointed to nearby locations where sand has built up naturally,” the councillor said.

He added: “There is a really good chance that sand will soon start to accumulate on the beach area.

“I certainly hope so.

“A beach would be the icing on the cake to the development and fulfil what I and many others in the community envisioned right from the start,” Cr Edwards said.

He added that a beach would complement the new boat ramp and would allow for boat owners, island residents and visitors to enjoy a beach situation similar to what exists on the adjacent Karragarra Island.

We certainly hope so!

• Cr Mark Edwards at the beach site.

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