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Macleay Island artists Ted Upton and Lynda Faulkner took inspiration from Straddie artist Patrick Coolwell for a unique perpetual trophy for the Quandamooka Festival.

The trophy was commissioned by Patrick.

And it was a story of Quandamooka aboriginal dreaming that saw the beautiful artwork become a reality.

It is going to be made available to ta significant contribution to the Quandamooka Minjerribah Winter Festival.

Ted Upton says the project has definitely been a collaborative effort.

“Patrick Coolwell came up with the inspiration: The dreamtime story; Lynda the artwork, and I have provided the sculpture work.”

The Timbers used for the sculpture elements were Bloodwood for the base and Silky Oak for the separate top.

The base has has two sides, one depicting an indigenous dugout.

The top, which is inserted in the base, features a brilliant design by Patrick and painted by Lynda.

The story is the story of creation as known by the Quandamooka.

At one time the Dolphin and the Python were friends who fell out.

The serpent fell into the earth in a massive blaze and was buried by the Great Spirit under a Bloodwood tree.

The Silky Oak and its unique bark are the burning python trying to get out!

And so the artwork on the trophy tells this story.

The beautiful artwork is going to be presented to the Quandamooka committee in the coming weeks.

• Lynda Faulkner and Ted Upton with the beautiful sculptured trophy.

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