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Every year on Remembrance Day at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a dedicated small band of devotees who remember usually congregate at cenotaphs around the country. This year it is different. It is the 100th anniversary of the armistice, the end of hostilities to the First World War - the war to end all wars. Absolute devastation that eventually led 20 years later to World War 11. Make a special effort this year on the islands to attend services on Macleay, Russell, Lamb, Coochiemudlo and North Stradbroke Islands, 11am November 11. There will be a special bike and car ride on Russell Island leaving from Sandy Beach at 10am to the island cenotaph (see Russell Roundup).


Received a call from a reader the other day who lost his phone either on one of the passenger ferries or near the Macleay Island jetty. He was delighted when he made some enquiries that his phone had been found by a BITS ferry crew. “I just wanted to say thanks to BITS and the crew for finding the phone. They do a lot for islanders in many ways and they don’t get enough recognition.” That is definitely true and a big ‘thank you’ to all the BITS and Sealink crews, including the barges. They are always helpful and do what they can to assist many islanders!


For over five years the happy Renegades crew have operated in a mobile capacity, gathering up the needed tools and materials weekly to work onsite or at a member’s house to provide the 13 seats installed around Macleay Island, or to provide ‘handyman assistance’ where needed. This unfunded group has achieved much due to ongoing partnerships with the island clubs and groups and the support of individuals. The good news is that they now have a ‘base’ due to the generosity of a member of the public. What they need now are tools to enable the space to be permanently set up to increase productivity. So, if you have any surplus hand or power tools, machinery or even garden tools, the guys would really be appreciative of their donation. Give Ian a call on 34095886 or Ivan on 0417164553.


Received some emails about the concept for an Observatory on Russell Island and observatory platforms for private use on other islands. Chris Wheeler reckons the concept is a great idea and, being a stargazer himself, reckons Macleay Island could be missing out. What needs to be understood is that the observatory is NOT a Council project. It is a Bay Islands Conservation Society project and council only gives them a small area of land to occupy. It is up to the organisation to do the rest. There is nothing stopping others from seeking a footprint of land for an observatory, but they need know they have to work out how to fund it; as it still has to be done by the conservation group. Those interested need to know that Council will not be supplying power, new toilets or paying for anyone to man it.

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