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A set of statistics contained in the recently released Redlands Coast Transport Strategy is a shock to many island residents.

The Transport Strategy was commissioned by Redland City Council as a future direction for transport needs and direction in the Redlands.

It is designed to be made available to the Queensland State Government to ‘assist’ in decision making in relation to future transport needs and infrastructure.

In a section titled ‘Redlands Community Profile Snapshot’, a comparison is demonstrated between the living standards of Redlanders on the mainland, and those on the islands.

On every level it will be a shock to many.

The comparisons in the profile include family income, average residents per household, median weekly rent, unemployment rate, low income families and median age.

When it come to family income, the mainland average per household is $94,380.

The island median annual family income is half that of the mainland at $46,060.

On the mainland there are 2.6 people per household compared to two per household on the islands.

Median weekly rent on the mainland is $400 per week, whilst the figure on the islands is $265 per week.

The unemployment rate on the mainland in the Redlands is 9%, whilst on the islands it is 21.7%

On the mainland there are 8% of low income families.

On the islands that figure is 21%

When it comes to median age, that figure on the mainland is 41.1 years and on the islands it is 55.5 years.

The Transport Strategy concludes on this situation: “These demographics highlight the difference between the mainland and the islands which require different transport approaches.

“Among the islands there are also different economic considerations.

“North Stradbroke Island is in the process of an economic transition from sand mining as its principal industry towards ecotourism, while the Southern Moreton Bay Islands serve almost exclusively as private residences.

“The impact of low self-containment has a major impact on the transport system as residents travel longer distances on a daily basis to access their place of employment,” the Redlands Coast Transport Strategy says.

Council’s website also provides access to profile statistics at

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