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Redland City Council has produced draft plans for the Canaipa Point Drive Park, which will become ‘home’ to the planned island observatory.

The draft plans have been produced for discussion purposes only and they have been made available to the Bay Islands Conservation Inc. group for consideration.

The group, led by Ian Larkman, has since given full endorsement to the draft plan.

The spectacular block of land that will be used for the park, was donated to Redland City Council by island resident Margaret Broome.

A name for the park is yet to be decided on.

Some of the names suggested so far include: Canaipa Point Park, Mango Tree Park, Observatory Park, and Pinnacle Park.

It has been suggested a competition might be held to decide on the best name for the area.

The Council draft plan that has now been endorsed by Bay Islands Conservation Inc has been colour-coded into seven areas:

1. Entry feature including parking signage with history of site;

2. Feature turf furrows;

3. Informal open space;

4. Activity and seating

5. Observatory structure/s to be screened

6. Meeting space

7. Future community area

There will also be primary and secondary pedestrian routes and key features, as well as existing vegetation.

The observatory group has also agreed upon a draft plan for the observatory building and has estimated that the cost for the observatory build and all telescopic equipment required would be in the vicinity of $90,000.

What is required next from Redland City Council is for the ‘right to occupy’ and when that is obtained, Bay Islands Conservation Group Inc will then be able to apply for grants at various levels to make the park and observatory a reality.

• The draft plan of the Canaipa Point Road park area.