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State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, got to go back to school all over again, thanks to a clever program at Russell Island State School.

It is the ‘Community Principal’ which is an annual program that encourages state schools to invite a local business, sport or community leader to job-shadow the principal for a few hours or for a day.

Kim accepted the invitation and was welcomed to the Russell Island State School by the ‘real’ principal, Jayne Barrett.

The idea of the program is to ‘educate’ community leaders exactly how Queensland schools are run ‘at the coal face’.

Principal Barrett told The Friendly Bay Islander: “As part of the day, Ms. Richards visited year 5 and 6 classes and students asked an array of questions about democracy, elections and leadership qualities and skills.

The Member for Redlands was extremely impressed with Russell State School and the quality and breadth of questions from students.

Kim Richards said of her Russell Island experience: “What an amazing privilege to spend the day as Community Principal.

“It was useful to learn and a delight to spend time with Grade Fives and Sixes who gave me an amazing quizzing on democracy and leadership.

“I was so proud of how talented the students are and how strong their knowledge of the democratic process is.

“Principal Barrett is doing a terrific job and the teachers are so invested in the students and their learning.

“I also enjoyed the staff meeting which was focussed on the technology curriculum for next year - just brilliant,” Kim Richards said.

Later that evening principal Barrett attended a Redlands Schools Principals’ dinner with the Education Minister, Grace Grace at the invitation of MP Kim Richards.

“The Minister was impressed with hearing about RISS and the Minister expressed her desire to be invited to visit our school,” Principal Jayne Barrett added.

• Russell State School principal Jayne Barrett and Kim Richards MP with a group of island school students.

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