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The unique band of brothers on Macleay Island, The Renegades, have a new home!

They have been donated a shed for use on loan and it will be known as the 'Jencoomercha Men's Shed’, the home of The Renegades

The shed is located in Sandpiper Parade, Macleay Island.

Up until now, the group of up to 20 plus men would meet on a regular basis at various locations; usually homes of group members.

“Our potential has always been hampered by no permanent location,” says group organiser Ian Kirk.

However, they have managed to complete countless projects and have become known for the huge list of community seats fashioned in brilliant island hardwood and placed at various island locations.

The Renegades built a special seat in memory of the Anzacs commissioned by The Friendly Bay Islander and our $500 donation. It is located in Koonwarra Foreshore Park which is situated on the waterfront at the corner of Koonwarra Parade and Morwong Street.

The permanent address has made all the difference to the group.

The double garage isn’t the final answer, but it means they have a permanent home, for now.

The changes and new ‘home for the Renegades is a huge step forward to benefit the community of Macleay Island and, in particular, senior men.

The group is currently applying for incorporation having taken the step of becoming an official Men’s Shed and will be known as the Jencoomercha Men’s Shed. They meet there of a Tuesday from 9am to noon.

The Renegades are inclusive of all and operate in a harmonious and democratic manner. Their aim has been to provide a safe and happy meeting place for men, mateship, service to those in need, and provision of improved community amenities.

The name and ‘Jencoomercha’ was chosen as it is the name given to the island by the traditional owners.

While their work space isn’t large their hearts are, so senior men are invited to visit for a cuppa and a yarn and to discover the pleasure of being part of something positive and exciting.

‘Shoulder to shoulder we can make a difference.’

• Renegades and the new Jencoomercha Men’s Shed.

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