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Armistice Day on the islands attracted record crowds this year to mark the 100th anniversary to the end of World War 1.

More Australians died in the war to end all wars and when the guns finally stopped on the western front at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the entire world was relieved.

The anniversary of that moment has been remembered and recognised ever since, bringing about the establishment of memorials and cenotaphs in every city, town and community right across the Commonwealth.

World War 1 was particularly significant for a very young Australia.

Despite the horrific loss of young Australians (almost 60,000 dead; 5000 of them in just one day) it is claimed that Australia’s contribution and efforts in the conflict established its recognition and respectability around the world.

So, it was not surprising that on our islands this year, the Armistice Day attracted the biggest crowds for many years.

On Macleay the Island RSL Sub Branch conducted a particularly moving ceremony at the new look cenotaph at Pat’s Park.

The address this year was read by Lt. Adam Brown Co of TS Diamantina and the cadets formed a catafalque party around the cenotaph. Children from Macleay Island school provided the flag party.

Guest at lunch was Andrew Laming Federal Member for Bowman.

It was the biggest ever Armistice Day service at the Russell Island cenotaph in Anzac Drive.

Russell Island RSL Sub Branch president Anthony Gleeson said he was ‘proud’ many islanders turned up for the event.

A group of riders attended the event following their pre-event barbecue at Sandy Beach organised by Kevin Garlick.

About 200 people were there for the cenotaph service with many staying on for the big BBQ after the event.

Lamb Island also did the 100th anniversary proud with a good attendance at the cenotaph located in Pioneer Park.

On Coochiemudlo Island Doug Cope again did the organising for the event at the very attractive and relevant island cenotaph.

Among the usual large crowd assembled for the Remembrance Day ceremony on Coochiemudlo Island were members of the Scott family from the Lifesaver’ Nippers on the island.

The Scott family has a long connection with the services with the youngsters’ great grandfather a prisoner of war in World War 2.

On North Stradbroke Island, there was a good attendance at the armistice ceremony at the cenotaph .with many attending retiring to the RSLClub.

• Returned veterans at the Armistice Day ceremony on Macleay Island

• Lowering the flags at the Russell Island Armistice service

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