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Macleay Island now has its second Street Library.

The first was unveiled in Dalpura Street, Macleay, back in May outside the home of Ian and Robbie Kirk.

The second has now been erected and it is outside 55 Francis Street, Macleay Island, the Revamps premises operated by Suzanne Pike.

The concept was introduced to the islands by the Kirks with the help of the Renegades men’s group that has been building island seating and now, the street libraries.

There are four more to follow in 2019.

The Street Libraries are where local residents can either borrow books, swap them, or provide books.

It is a form of valuable recycling that can also contribute to community literacy; it is also a great way to meet neighbours and to make friends.

The concept originated in Oregon in the US and there are now 35,000 community libraries world wide.

There are just over 50 in Australia, but the program is expected to expand rapidly here.

Robbie’s is registered as No. 770 and the 55 Francis Street registered No is 782

The new Street Libraries will continue in the unique island style that is being developed. They will all be different, imaginative and definitely colourful.

Suzanne Pike will be using her artistic skills to put the finishing touches to the latest Street Library.

“It is a great way to unite communities and encourage neighbourliness on the islands,” Ian Kirk said said.

It was no accident that Robbie’s Street Library was launched on Neighbour Day in late March.

It has everything to do with ’Spirit of Generosity’.

• Suzanne Pike (seated) with the Renegades crew and the latest Street Library in Francis Street.

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