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Wow it’s been such an eventful year in the life of the Organic Market and Farm, and as another year draws to a close, and we want to thank you for all your support.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on the way we celebrate this day. We are creatures of our social upbringing, and there is a special feeling in gifting and receiving presents on Christmas Day. May I suggest that we all start to think more carefully about the form that these presents take. It is easy to buy a gadget, a funny cheap item to fill the long list of gifts we feel required to give. But be mindful, research is now showing that a large majority of these gifts only give a few minutes of pleasure, before ending up in landfill within 6 months. Perhaps we need to rethink the art of gifting. Do we really need a present for the sake of it? Or can we make it more meaningful, something of use and of lasting value. Presents that are eco-friendly and that reduce the use of toxic chemicals and the vast amounts of resources required to make them, just to end up in the dump.

Honestly the greatest gift is simply to be there for our friends and family, offering a day of celebrating life together and in appreciation of each other. Gifting has been proven to bring us happiness, and it can be as simple as doing a nice gesture or remaining happy throughout the silly season. There isn’t much joy in shopping frenzies, people being incredibly rude, impatient, and rushed to the point of stress. I can assure you, you won’t find any of that at the Organic Market and Farm, instead you will be met with a smile and generosity of spirit. We love hosting a space for the community to gather, chat over a cuppa and enjoy life. For those people close to you that you want to gift a special something, we have a huge assortment of items that will make the perfect eco-friendly, organic and /or practical gift. From Organic Seeds, and Organic Gardening Items to the Latest Pip Magazine or gorgeous 2019 Pip Calendar. Gift a Bento Box to take lunches to work accompanied with the cutest bamboo cutlery set. What about some Fair-Trade Organic Chocolate, our locally made Rainbow Tea Company loose leaf tea, or one of our wonderful books.

There is a gorgeous gift box of incense resins, and the charcoals to burn it on… great for space clearing, attracting abundance, and they all smell wonderful! The Kakadu Blue products are unique, containing Blue Cypress oil that only grows in the Northern Territory. Purchase a massage oil, soothing Aloe Gel, and Aussie Blue Off to keep the bugs at bay. Blue Cyprus has anti-bacterial qualities, helps joint pain, and perfect for inflammatory skin conditions to name a few benefits. For the women in your life, we have the beautifully illustrated Moon Dairies, perfect for recording personal reflections in 2019, and filled with ideas to nourish the body and spirit.

Any Gardeners in the Family? We stock the fabulous Moon Calendar poster which gives you all the info on when it is best time to plant and plots all the full moon cycles as well the astrological components affecting your garden. What about one of the Organic Market shopping bags or the new Upcycled Chicken Food shopping bags, you can be assured this is a unique and funky gift. Everyone needs to bring their own shopping bag, so it will be appreciated.

Another great idea is to purchase one of our Gift Vouchers, they can be used for any product in the market and are a great way to allow your loved one to choose something that they will truly value. We can make up a beautiful box of organic, chemical free fruit and vegetables to deliver as a gift. In the week leading up to Christmas, we advise our regular customers to place an order to ensure you get all the fantastic organic produce that you need for that special Christmas dinner. It is as easy as clicking ORDER ONLINE on our website, you can purchase the gift voucher or place an order for the Fruit and Vege boxes. Preferably please order by Tuesday 18th December.

For a unique present visit “The Artery” which features a “MIXED ARTIST” exhibition, with great paintings, photography, ceramics and print making perfect for that special someone, and supports a local artist too! This exhibition closes January 26th. Join us on Saturday 15th December, for a Christmas craft session making wooden reindeer. Sylvia and Terry will be hosting this great session between 10.30 to 12.30. Everyone is welcome to join.

Our last market for 2018 will be on Saturday 22nd December. We will be taking a break and will return on Saturday 5th January. Everyone at the Farm wishes you the most beautiful Christmas period, and every happiness for the New Year.

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