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Saving Straddie’s sewers from oil

Saving Straddie’s sewers from oil

Redland City Council is reminding people to not pour cooking oils and grease down the sink, following large deposits making their way to the Point Lookout and Dunwich wastewater treatment plants.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was important for people to consider the impacts on North Stradbroke Island when disposing of oils.

“From the moment they are poured down the sink, oils and grease have the potential to wreak havoc on plumbing, the sewer network, the wastewater treatment plants and ultimately the natural environment.

“They can cause expensive blockages in household pipes, and even more expensive blockages in the city’s network.

“More importantly, even with our substantial safety measures, a blockage at one of our pump stations could potentially result in a sewage overflow into the island’s natural environment.

“Our monitoring has been picking up large deposits of oils and grease in our Dunwich and Point Lookout plants, so we are calling on all residents and visitors to consider carefully what they pour down the sink.”

Divisional Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Peter Mitchell said there were multiple options for free disposal of oils on the island, so there was no excuse for them to end up in the sewers.

“The North Stradbroke Island Waste Transfer Station accepts used cooking and mineral oil from businesses and residents for free,” he said.

Customers must decant oil into the appropriate holding tank as Council engages a licenced oil recycling company and placing oils into the correct holding tank ensures a quality recyclable product.

“If you can’t get to the waste transfer station, smaller household quantities of cooking oil can also be placed in a secure, sealed container and disposed of in the weekly waste bin collection,” Cr Mitchell said.

“Other tips to reduce oil and grease going down the drain include scraping plates before washing and using a sink strainer to capture food particles.

“Easy measures can ensure Straddie remains a much-loved and naturally-wonderful place for all.”

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