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Island police are cracking down on island crime in a big way. The big difference, is that they are now telling us about it. Sgt Tim McKinney on Russell Island and Sgt Dave Purcell on Macleay Island are now publishing reports on island activities on the MyPolice Website. Clearly, police are getting more aggressive in their approach and the results are showing. It is unfortunate, however, to see at the top of the list Domestic Violence cases. Police on both islands are being called out on a regular basis to sort out domestic issues, and it involves violence. Clearly, the message is not getting through to some, with similar complaint numbers on both islands. Drugs are also an issue, and the good thing is that many are now getting caught and a fronting court. Domestic violence and drugs are definitely at the top of the lists on both major islands, with alcohol-related incidents also prevalent. All are often inter-connected. Police have improved the management of island services with the announcement recently that island police are working closely with the new Criminal Investigation Branch now operating from Redland Bay Police Station with a strong focus on the Bay Islands. The announcement, too, of two additional police for Russell island sends a distinct message to those who live on the island hoping their illegal activities and reprehensible behaviour will fly ‘under the radar’. The message clearly to these people is to LEAVE OUR ISLANDS NOW!

In an emergency call the police on triple zero (000).

  • DVConnect Womensline

  • Phone: 1800 811 811 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

  • DVConnect Mensline

  • Phone: 1800 600 636 (9am to midnight, 7 days a week)

  • Kids Helpline

  • Phone: 1800 55 1800 (24 hours, 7 days per week)

  • Lifeline

  • Phone: 13 11 14 (24 hour Crisis Counselling Line)


Policing on the Southern Bay Islands is set to improve following some major announcements when Premier Anastasia Palaschuck visited the Redlands with the rest of the Queensland Government cabinet just prior to Christmas. Two additional police for Russell Island will definitely make a difference, as will the new police water barge that is now in operation and able to bring more resources to the islands. The real game changer, however could well be the establishment of Redland Bay Criminal Investigation Branch which started operating from Redland Bay Police Station last month with the office comprising four detectives from the Bayside Crime Unit Detectives to support criminal investigation in the Redland Bay Police Division. It was interesting to speak with Queensland’s top policeman Commissioner Ian Stewart, particularly when he said: “We are going to sort our Russell Island first.” We like the sound of that! He also said he believed that police are getting better results and observed that the island demographic is changing for the better. Good observations!


Well the new car park foreshore project on Macleay Island was finally vacated by all the workers and islanders finally got to see the new area working without barriers and on-site equipment and sheds. The result is pretty impressive and it was nice to see the construction company, Pensar, leave a momento behind in the shape of a Totem pole sculptured by Ted Upton, as a ‘thank you’ to island residents for their understanding and patience. Expect some minor adjustments to the car park layout and operation in the coming months. Redland City Council has always said it will see how the car park ‘works’ in the coming weeks and some minor adjustments may result.


The doom and gloomers are always hard to please. There are some who believe that they should be able to pull up directly in front of where they are going, no matter what. The roundabout at the car park has come in for some unfounded criticism and others wish they could still pull up straight into the jetty shed area so they can alight and load and reverse back out into the roundabout traffic as they used to before, rather than the forward flowing design that now exists. But, you can’t please everyone.


There is some confusion about all ‘coasts’ that now exist in the Redlands. We now have the Redlands Coast as well as the Quandamooka Coast. It should be explained that the Redlands Coast is the brand name that Redland City Council has come up with for the Redlands, in an attempt to gain additional identity. After all, look what the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts have done for those coastal strips of Queensland. Redland Coast was developed after consultation with more than 5000 locals and residents. This included Quandamooka elders who supported the brand. Uncle Bib Anderson features in and is the voice of the Redlands Coast video -

In addition, the new brand includes dual naming using Quandamooka place names for suburbs and islands and Quandamooka element drawn by straddie artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins in the logo. Quandamooka Coast is both a company set up the traditional owners and an area of land that is larger than the Redlands. So there!


Year Three students at Macleay Island State School must love tests! According to Federal Member of Parliament, Andrew Laming, his analysis of their school shows that their reading and numeracy skills are exceptional with high gains in the area of numeracy. Year three students actually love sitting Naplan tests and most parents know that eight-year-old children delight at answering multiple choice questions for short sessions, one week every two years. Whilst Naplan has its doubters it is the only test which gives a score that evaluates a school’s academic performance, allowing schools to be rated not by the flashiest billboards or buildings, but purely on their academic results. Andrew Laming added: “Congratulation Macleay island Year Three students and your teachers; enjoy your well-earned holidays and I wish the families and staff of all the island schools, a safe and happy Christmas break.”


• What if my dog only brings back my ball because he thinks I like throwing it?

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