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The newly incorporated Renegades Men’s Shed on Macleay Island recently raised a new flag to open their new island facility.

Those who attended enjoyed local musician Joe Geia’s unique rendition of the national anthem while the Renegades special flag was raised.

The men’s group has headed in a new direction with the move to their temporary shed amenity in Sandpiper Parade, Macleay Island.

They now have a full executive with George Feist the president, vice president Bill Fletcher, secretary Eddie Wright and treasurer Ivan Scott.

President George spoke at the opening and outlined the group’s future directions.

He said the Renegades have a number of projects in hand and are looking forward to new members joining and bringing additional skills and enthusiasm to the happy Renegades Men's Shed group.

Initial organiser Ian Kirk is now taking a lesser role in the organisation at his own behest.

Their current shed at Sandpiper Parade is small but the group’s hearts are large.

The Renegades are welcoming of all men, and also any tools and equipment that could be offered by gracious islanders.

You can visit the Sandpiper shed on Tuesday from 9am to discover the joy of belonging while learning new skills.

The public played a role in the group retaining the Renegades name whilst recognising their past efforts.

It is a goal of the group to obtain their own permanent headquarters in the years to come.

• The new Renegades Men’s Shed flag is raised at the Sandpiper Parade shed.

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