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We have written a few stories about Macleay Island artist Darren Goleby over the years.

It is probably because apart from his artwork, he also happens to be pretty 'handy' in some other areas of endeavour.

One of them is mechanics and bringing back to life some classic motor cycles.

Recently when we were visiting his '??' studio to have a chat, we noticed a couple of visitors come to his back door.'

They are a couple of unique characters in the shape of a mother and a unique child.

They are 'Legs' (mum) and her son 'Bendi’, two magpies.

Darren was obviously the first to observe that 'Bendi' has some difficulties.

"Something must have happened when he was really small, because he has a very unusual beak.

"The top part of his beak is totally 'bent' upwards.

"And for that reason, he has trouble pecking for his food," Darren told The Friendly Bay Islander.

He quickly 'adopted' the magpie mum and bub and now they turn up twice a day for Darren to give them some food,.

'Legs' is very aware of her son's plight.

Darren said: "Mum comes right up to me and takes food from my hand, and immediately turns around and places it in the lower part of Bendi's beak so he can get something to eat.

"His beak is so deformed that he cannot collect food like other birds.

"He cannot peck for his food because his top beak is so heavily curved upwards," Darren Goleby said.

Certainly the mum and bub have definitely 'adopted' Darren and now rely on him to keep the young magpie fed.

"I'll keep feeding them whilst ever they keep turning up," Darren added.

• Darren feeding mum 'Legs’.

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