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HOT GOSS March 2019


Many readers do not know, that many of our advertisers and supporters receive special ‘posters’ of their page advertising including our front covers. It is called ‘As Seen In the ?? Issue of The Friendly Bay Islander. Many of these are used in their business windows or places of prominence. Some are coated and protected while others may be framed and placed prominently. Well, that’s how it was for Member for Redlands Kim Richards with the front cover of our February edition. We pictured Kim at Club Macleay promoting the late February official opening of the new synthetic green. We presented Kim with her As Seen In cover and she quickly has had it framed and it is going up on her display wall in her Victoria Point Office (see pix). Just another exampled of the Friendly Bay Islander getting it ‘right’ for islanders and the islands.


Our long-time friend Eleesa Zlatic has called it a day for the Organic Markets on Macleay Island. Many will be shocked by her decision. After all, it was the island’s iconic location for community get-togethers and interaction. Eleesa, as many know, has had a tough few years particularly with the loss of her partner-in-life Kerry Gray. What held the organic markets together was the sale of organic fruit and veg and other organic product. It was also a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee. For those who will be really disappointed at the closure, did you support the Organic Markets as much as you could have? Was it really worth all of Eleesa’s efforts particularly when so many people sought her out for ‘other reasons’. Because it really was Eleesa’s demeanour and attitude that was the real attraction at the markets. Eleesa you will be missed at the markets and we hope someone accepts your offer to take up the cudgel and lease your wonderful location. We hope you, our friend, has the rest you deserve and enjoy the next stage of your life with Ayla and Isaac.


More and more people are becoming distrustful of sites like Facebook. Have received a number of complaints re the ‘negativity’ that is displayed on some Facebook pages, and that includes our islands. This was not supposed to be how the social network was supposed to work, but some people use it to attack others, and profess statements that are highly inaccurate. The problem is that Facebook does not adequately ‘police’ their sites. Their policies list many things that can’t said or done on the site, but that is far as it goes. Hardly anyone is ever reprimanded or ejected for what they have written. It seems the chicken is coming home to roost. Legal action appears imminent that could pull Facebook into gear, particularly in relation to sites they allow that promote illegal activities and terrorism. We would settle for getting people to ‘get their facts right’ before they write something stupid. Because it is so ‘immediate’ many write before ‘thinking’.


Island residents need to know that if they need a prescription, they are best to deal with island pharmacies. By doing so, patients become eligible for Government discounts when they reach a certain number. In other words, you maximise your PBS Safety Net benefits. The PBS Safety Net can reduce the cost of your prescribed medications to families on an accumulative basis. By getting your prescriptions from the same pharmacy, you are best placed to keep your records and to receive maximum benefits. If you meet the safety net within 12 months (60 prescriptions with a value of $384) you could benefit via FREE prescriptions for the remainder of the 12 months. Also, it is interesting to know that because of changes within the drug supply industry it is getting difficult for pharmacies to obtain some drugs from several of the major companies. For that reason, plan your medication in advance and don’t mix your drugs unless guided by your pharmacist and provided with pharmacy dosage units.


RPAC 2019 season launch recently was a celebration of the annual Creative Arts Redlands programs for Redland Performing Arts Centre and Redland Art Gallery. The night was emceed by Andrew Chesterman (CEO of Redland City Council) and included a Welcome to Country from Uncle Bob Anderson (Dr Robert Anderson, OAM), and speeches from Cr Karen Williams (Mayor Redland City Council), Zane Trow (Creative Arts Manager) and Emma Bain (Redland Art Gallery Director). Attendees were also treated to a performance by the incredibly talented Grigoryan Brothers to bring the event to a spectacular end. The Grigoryan Brothers will return to the RPAC stage on 28 March to perform pieces from their latest album Songs Without Words.


Redland City SES crews were among the hundreds of volunteers who headed to Townsville, working alongside locals and state agencies to help that community deal with unprecedented flooding. Four Redlands SES volunteers went North to work and help. “Our orange angels never fail to step up,” said Mayor Karen Williams. Redlands SES members were also on hand on Straddie during the fires just prior to Christmas, working hard to move fire fighters around the island, keep them fed, and staff road and track closures. Also heading to Townsville was Redlands Deputy Local Disaster Coordinator Mike Tait and three Southern Moreton Bay Island Community Champions, the latter deployed by the Australian Red Cross to help set up more evacuation centres. Well done all!


Police are asking the community to remain vigilant and remember that no government organisation, particularly the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will seek payment via gift vouchers. Police around the state have received a number of reports about ‘scammers’ calling members of the public and threatening arrest warrants if they refuse to repay a tax debt. In many cases, the victims have been told to purchase large sums of gift vouchers as a form of payment. They are appealing to members of the community to think twice after receiving any call requesting to pay money to a government organisation via gift cards or any other means. Scammers are quick minded and fast acting and will try anything! If you believe you may have been scammed or have information concerning a scam, report this activity to Scamwatch


All the Girls Day Out members are looking forward to another enjoyable year with good food and good company as well as raising money for the Animal welfare League. Their next monthly lunch will be held at the Russell Island RSL on the 28th March at 12pm. All are welcome so go along and meet the friendly group as well as having a great meal. There also great raffle prizes to be won. All proceeds from raffles help to support the Animal Welfare League. For further info or a booking contact Anne (MI) 34095428, Judi (MI) 34095309, or Mary (RI) 34091505. Bookings by 20th of March.

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