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Major developers are jumping on board to build major projects within the precincts of Redland City Council PDA area at Weinam Creek.

The projects will provide a huge boost to the overall project, helping to set a high standard for the finished product.

Two of the projects are major unit developments, and the third is an impressive aged care expansion.

Councillor for the islands and Redland Bay, Cr Mark Edwards, says the developer interest is ‘proof positive’ of the overall support and approval for the PDA project at Weinam Creek.

“To have this sort of interest at this early stage, is phenomenal.

“Clearly, council and the people of the islands aren’t the only ones who think the Weinam Creek PDA will be of huge benefit to the southern end of the Redlands Coast,” Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

One of the projects has already been approved by council, and the other two are currently going through the approval processes.

When completed, Weinam Creek PDA area will likely include the three projects, with others to come, including the major island car parking station, retail and commercial precincts, and significant public amenities including walkways and park areas.

“The PDA at Weinam Creek has enormous potential. and the early development applications are proof positive of this,” Cr Edwards said.

By far the largest, and yet to be approved, is Palm Lake Care, an exciting aged care facility bounded by William and Hamilton Streets, Redland Bay.

The project will provide an important element to the PDA, providing a huge number of new jobs.

“I see this aged care development a key to prosperity, future jobs and property values in Redland Bay,” Cr Edwards said.

Another major project is planned for Banana and Outridge Streets. submitted by Haytrist Pty Ltd and IDCm Pty Ltd, it is a unit development offering luxury accommodation involving 45 units with communal areas and internal parking. This project has already been approved by Redland City Council.

A third project is s direct waterside development onto Weinam Creek itself, situated in Auster Street, Redland Bay.

This will involve luxury waterside units and is currently before council.

All three projects are just the starting point for the Weinam Creek PDA.

Cr Edwards said: “It really is quite exciting for the future of Weinam Creek and Redland Bay.

“Just the building process alone will bring about a huge number of jobs that will be available to islanders and Redland Bay workers.

“When all the elements are integrated and it becomes a reality, it will be of huge benefit to Redland Bay and the islands and the southern end of the Redlands Coast,” Cr Edwards said.

• Cr Mark Edwards in front of the site for one of the Weinam Creek projects.

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