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A Message from and Mara Stransky

I thought you might like an update on Mara Stransky, the young Russell Islander who is trying to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Mara's campaign got a big boost earlier this month when she was selected to represent Australia at the Olympic test event in Inoshima, the sailing site for Tokyo 2020. The Test Event gives to organising committee a chance to test their venues and officials under real conditions, as well as giving the best athletes a chance to sail at the venue and become familiar with its wind patterns and currents.

Here's an article I wrote about Mara's Olympic chances:

If you'd like to run the article on your website, I'm happy for you to do so, provided you only run the first five or six paragraphs and then link to Mysailing for the rest of the story. That way we both win - you get the updated story and we get some traffic to our website.

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