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Security cameras will be installed at Weinam Creek Marina and car park before the end of the year as a deterrent to ongoing vandalism of property there.

Mayor Karen Williams said she had contacted police and urged them to step up patrols of the area in response to the latest crime spree.

“While protection of property and prevention and prosecution of crime is primarily the responsibility of police, Council already pays for security patrols of the Weinam Creek car park,” she said.

“I have contacted police, asking them to boost patrols of the area and Council will also be increasing surveillance in the area.”

Cr Williams said Council was on track for installing security cameras in the car park by the end of the calendar year.

“Council has received funding for the cameras under the Federal Government’s Safer Communities program,” she said.

“Weinam Creek will be the first location to have cameras installed under Council’s new security cameras policy and we are committed to installing them as quickly as possible and working with Queensland Police Service (QPS) and TransLink to improve safety at this important transport hub.”

Cr Williams said Council had been working for some months with QPS and TransLink to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would allow the sharing of information caught by the cameras.

“It is important that the MOU be finalised as soon as possible, as it will outline how footage will be captured, stored and made available to be used as police evidence,” she said.

“Police representatives have indicated they were comfortable with the contents of the MOU but the document is not signed off.

“I have written to TransLink outlining Council’s concerns about the delay and seeking his assistance in finalising the agreement so footage from the cameras, once installed, can be used by police.”

• CCTV cameras now have a timeline for placement at Weinam Creek.

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