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The exact site of the new Optus mobile phone tower on Russell Island, is now known.

It is to be built at 23 Moreton Outlook, at the southern end of the island overlooking Canaipa Passage and the southern end of North Stradbroke Island.

An island resident observed that a special notice had been placed on the site. He took a photo of the sign for us.

The sign declares: ‘Notice of Mobile Phone Base Station Proposal’.

It states that the proposal is for the installation of a new 35 metre monopole with 3 x panel antenna mounted on a new head frame.

This will contain 1 x new 1200m parabolic dish and 1 x equipment shelter with associated ancillary equipment.

It says the carrier is Optus Mobiles Pty Ltd and feedback on the base station proposal was invited.

This process closed on June 21.

The new mobile tower has been funded by the Federal Government as part of its ‘Black Spot’ mobile phone program

It is hoped that the new tower will address the considerable communications problems that have been experienced by mobile services on the islands.

The new tower is hoped to take the burden off the existing Telstra tower that is located at the northern end of the island.

• The Optus sign at 23 Moreton Outlook.

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