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The residents of Alkira Street on Macleay Island have introduced a bit of ‘fun’ into the street and the island.

You never know, they may have even started a unique island trend that could become a tourist attraction!

Jim Hall and his next door neighbour Steve Reik have started a fun competition that involves some pretty unique and fun letter boxes.

Steve started the trend when he built a unique letter box display from old gas bottles.

He has a family of Minions at the entrance to his driveway

He has done such a great job, they are indentical to the cartoon characters (Stewart, Kevin and Bob) and even make the unique Minion sounds when anyone approaches.

Steve brought the unique letter box concept to Alkira Street from his previous address at Esk.

Good neighbour Jim Hall caught on, and he has built a fun golf layout for his letter box right next door to Steve.

Jim is a keen golfer at the Bay Islands Golf Club and fills in his time as a volunteer green keeper at the club.

Jim says Alkira Street on Macleay is a ‘great street’ where everyone knows their neighbour and ‘we are all good friends’.

“It really is a great island street. We are all animal and bird lovers too,” Jim said with this twin pet birds sitting on his shoulder.

The concept has caught on in Alkira Street with another neighbour Sue Patterson having a Simon Templar ‘The Saint’ theme for her letter box.

Book binder Steve Wagner next door is having a stack of books-style letter box now being constructed and probably an island ‘street library’ as well outside his home!

The concept is really catching on.

Steve Reik says already people are visiting to see the letter box creations.

“The kids love it,” he said.

Watch for bus tours and seasonal decorations to follow!

It is, all in, a lot of fun and makes living on the islands very special indeed.

(By the way, the island postie thinks the imaginative letter boxes are a great idea, ‘as long as they are big enough to carry the mail and bigger deliveries!)