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The nbn™ is now up and running on our islands.

The Friendly Bay Islander is pleased to advise that the nbn™ service was ’switched on’ as per initial projections, June 26, 2020.

A spokesperson for the nbn™ told the Friendly Bay Islander: “We are immensely proud of the installation of the fibre cabling on the islands.

“The installation teams did a wonderful job.

“All went to schedule despite the problems associated with the Coronavirus restrictions.”

The nbn™was mandated by the Government to provide a minimum wholesale speed of 25/5Mbps to every premise in Australia by utilising a multi-technology mix*.

The construction of the nbn™ access network within the islands was made up of Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Curb technologies along with Satellite services already available to some of the more remote properties.

An explanation on these two technology types can be found here:

Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Curb has been connected to the islands in the following structure:

  • • Karragarra Island, Lamb Island and Macleay Island 2,400 premises will consist of 1,000 FttN (fibre to the node) and 1,400 FttC (fibre to the curb)

  • • Russell Island 1,600 premises 300 FttN and 1,300 FttC

  • • Coochiemudlo Island 700 premises 200 FttN and 500 FttC

  • • North Stradbroke – Dunwich 500 premises 400 FttN and 100 FttC

  • • North Stradbroke – Amity, Point Lookout 1,600 premises 1,100 FttN and 500 FttC

The nbn™ network is not just about the internet – it’s your landline phone too. It’s critical that you talk to your device providers for any other landline services such as medical alarms, eftpos, fire and lift, or fax machines.

Also vital to remember is that switching to the nbn™ network is not automatic – residents and businesses need to contact their preferred service provider and place an order to move their landline phone and internet services over to the nbn™ network.

To ensure you get the best speeds possible we urge end users to: check, select, connect

  • • Check their usage particularly between 7pm and 11pm. Before connecting to an nbn™ powered plan from an internet provider, it’s important to choose a speed based on usage.

  • • Select the right speed plan from a phone or internet provider for their needs.

  • • Connect to an nbn™ powered plan. Following this, check their in-home broadband set-up such as modem placement and in-home wiring.

The nbn™ website has a plethora of information available and we urge people to visit the website.