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A situation is looming that is a litmus test that is all about the future of the prosperity of our islands.

For the first time ever, all levels of Government are starting to take our islands seriously.

Ignored by all levels of Government for so long, changes in electoral personnel at a State Labor Government level and efforts by a ‘keen’ LNP Opposition. is changing the status quo.

You see, there is a State election just around the corner (Saturday October 28) and the powers-that-be have realised that the seat of Redlands is a Bell Weather seat.

For the initiated in the art of political sayings, a Bell Weather seat is a seat that is just about always won by the Government of the day.

Four years ago it was lost by the LNP by a narrow margin, and this time they want it back.

Just determinedly, the current ruling Labor Party wants to hold onto it.

This brings us to the most recent offers from both sides of politics.

For the first time in our living memory, a leader of a State political party has actually visited the Southern Bay Islands.

LNP leader, Deb Frecklington, brought along LNP candidate for the seat of Redlands, Henry Pike, to announce a promised $5 million for island roads if the LNP wins the October 28 State election.

The day before the LNP announcement Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, in a political gamesmanship twist, announced $2.5 million for island roads.

It was from the Palaszczuk Government, but it was money that had been applied for by Redland City Council earlier as part of the State Government’s Covid 19 stimulus package; available to all Queensland councils.

Redland City Council actually received $4.4 million as part of the stimulus package to go towards x3 projects; two of them on the islands.

Over $1 million was for the coastal walk at Point Lookout and $2.63 million for island roads.

The balance of those funds were going towards to Redlands Coast fibre network.

Whatever way the funds have been allocated, it is all good for our islands, whatever way the State election goes on Saturday, October 28.

What it all means is that our jetties and sealed island roads and more island housing are coming quicker than we could every previously hope for.

The money is being spread around from Federal State Governments who see the only way to get our economy to grow and expand after the detrimental and horrific Coronavirus shutdowns, is to spend, spend, spend.

In the end it will end up being debt, debt and even more debt.

The one big difference from other times of State and Federal debt, this time around interest rates are at near zero.

For the time being, the islands are glad that we are starting to get our fair share of infrastructure spending and, whilst it is being handed out; give us lots more!

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