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A few months ago, Russell Island resident Phil Norman called into the Canaipa Nursery and Tea Garden on Russell Island to buy a few plants and vegetable seeds.

They included vegetables and a zucchini seeds in particular.

Phil, a long time Russell resident and avid gardener, planted the plants, including the zucchini seeds and let nature take its course, with a little bit of TLC along the way.

And just like Jack and the Beanstalk, the zucchini seed turned into a small plant that soon started to sprout some zucchini.

Then it grew, and grew and grew!

Phil let it grow to a length of 560mm and a weight of 3.3 kg with a girth of 380mm.

Most zucchini grow to an average length under 300mm, so this one was a definite surprise.

When he finally decided it needed to be picked, he took it down to show Shirley Bennett at the Canaipa Nursery.

Shirley being Shirley then proceeded to have some fun with Phil, wielding the big zucchini like a warrior princess.

All in good fun, but Shirley was not surprised.

She says many islanders have been planting vegetables in their home garden patches just like Phil, and getting some phenomenal results.

“The soil on our islands has always been conducive to producing plentiful vegetables; and has a colourful history being once known as the Garden Islands in early colonial days.

“I have several reports of islanders getting some great results in their gardens, but Phil is the first to bring the results in for us to check it out.

“ I recommend to any islander who has a bit of space in their back or front yard to give veggie gardening a go.

“A bit of TLC and you just might be as successful as Phil and his giant Zucchini,” Shirley said.

• Shirley having a bit of fun with Phil Norman and the big Zucchini.

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