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This September 2020 edition of your Friendly Bay Island is the largest edition we have ever published. At 76 pages it is a milestone achievement as we are about to reach our 9th birthday when the October edition is published next month. It is an outstanding effort considering the ‘hit’ the publishing sector has copped in times which has seen nearly 100 publications close down throughout Australia. Your Friendly Bay Islander withstood the Coronavirus drop in advertising, to come back strongly. We are a ‘beacon’ in the publishing world because of our positive platform, wonderful island readership base that many now call ‘The Bible of the Bay Islands’. None of this could be achieved, however, without the support of our fantastic advertisers; and to the island people who give us some terrific stories to tell. We hope you enjoy this edition and watch for a wonderful new innovation for our islands from us that is coming in our October 9th Birthday edition!


Russell island is starting to come to life with some events now scheduled to be enjoyed. The Bay Islands Multi Sport and Recreation Association is back in the swing of things and will be holding the ‘Come and Try’ Fun Event for all island youth on Sunday, 15th November., It will be held at the Russell Island Sports Fields at the Resilience Centre from 10am to 3pm. Gymnastics dance, Futsal, soccer, netball, basketball, martial arts, Jack Attack (bowls), Fishing, tennis and Giant Ludo and Chess will be there to try and enjoy. All islands are invited to this special event. Get your kids in an activity or sport, to promote friendship, activity and enjoyment. The event is supported by the Redland City Council.


Andrew Stransky of Russell Island has produced a book titled Windward to Fantasia: Adventuring Under Sail. Andrew is the father of our Olympian sailor Mara Stransky, and he has a pretty good story to tell. The Stransky family has lived a life on the water for most of their lives, still living on their big family catamaran. Clearly the family’s life on the water and at sea has contributed to both Andrew and Mara’s success at the tiller in major events. The book is available via Amazon online and is definitely worth a read.


At nearly 101 years old, former Macleay Island Well veteran David Ballingall is the well deserving recipient of the department of veterans affairs Second World War Commemorative Medallion. Mr Ballingall lived on Macleay Island up until last year, and has been a member of the RSL Macleay Island Sub branch. He is now a resident of Boulton Clarke Moreton Shores in Thornlands. It was the secretary Ron Boldy who replied to Andrew Laming MP’s call out to the community. David received the medallion recently and recounted stories from his navel career where he served during the Second World War on HMAS Colac. HMAS Colac was one of sixty Australian Minesweepers (commonly known as corvettes) built during World War II.


Those Renegades on Macleay Island seem to be up and at it again after months of being dormant because of Covid-19. The group are one of the most active men’s shed groups anywhere and will be keen to get back on the job. The Renegades are now much easier to find on Macleay having a special street sign erected for them on the sign post on the corner of High Central and Sandpiper streets on Macleay. They told us: “The Renegades Men’s Shed would like to acknowledge funding from the Redland City Council. A grant was supplied through the Councillors’ Community Benefit Fund to purchase the Men’s Shed Sign. Council also performed the installation of the sign on the corner of Sandpiper Parade and High Central Road.”