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KARRA, LAMB AND RUSSELL TO GET $4M CAR PARK UPGRADES FOLLOWING JETTY/TERMINAL UPGRADES Karragarra, Lamb and Russell islands are to have more than $4 million spent on new jetty car parks in the coming months. The car parks will follow on after the installation of each island’s new jetty terminal currently being constructed and put in place on each island Division 5 councillor Mark Edwards said that the new car parking areas would be ‘significant’ for each island. The only island not to receive any additional car park funding with the jetty/terminal program is Macleay Island, as it already has in place its parking upgrade. The commuter exchange and car park on Russell Island has a budget of $1,980,000, followed by the commuter exchange Lamb Island $984,502, and Karragarra Island $1,095,140. The Russell Island ferry terminal carpark will be first to be constructed once the current ferry terminal upgrade has been completed in late 2022, weather permitting. Lamb and Karragarra Islands will follow in succession. The car park upgrades on each of the islands will include reconfiguring traffic flow, installing dedicated bus zones and drop-off zones, bike racks and disabled parking bays. There will also be improved pedestrian footpaths and line marking, new lighting, landscaping works and provision for future electric vehicle charging stations. The Russell Island carpark will also be significantly larger after Council spent about $250,000 acquiring adjacent properties. Further information on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands Ferry Terminals Upgrade project is available on Council’s Your Say website.

• A design for the Russell Island car park.