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Islanders will be the major benefactors of the State Labor Government’s pre-October election ‘gift’ of 50 cents Public Transport travel.

Unlike most of Queensland, our islands totally rely on public transport for each and every day work and activity.

The 50 cents fare Public Transport scheme will start on August 5 and will be put in place for an initial six months.

Whilst most other cities, towns and communities in Queensland only use public transport sparingly, for our islands Public Transport travel to the mainland is 100% essential to most island residents.

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, was instrumental in assuring that island ferry travel was part of the 50 cent pre-election incentive.

It is believed, initially, the State Labor Government meant the 50 cents program was for bus and train travel only.

Kim Richards worked ‘overtime’ to ensure public service ferry travel was also included.

The benefits to islanders, particularly those who work daily on the mainland, will be enormous.

At nearly $10 for a one-way fare for island workers, the drop to 50 cents a fare will be significant, to say the least.

Other pre-election promises, including cheaper car registrations, will also be welcomed by many Queenslanders.

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, told The Friendly Bay Islander that the fare savings were a ‘game changer for islanders’.

“Islanders will gain the greatest benefits of all from the fare savings, given the islands’ reliability on passenger ferry travel.”

Kim Richards said the program will run for six months from August 5, taking the program to the end of the first week in January 2025.

She said it would be a ‘possibility’ that the Public Transport fare discount initiative could become a ‘permanent cost saving initiative’ beyond the six-month trial period.

The $64 question is: Will the cost saving initiatives pre-the October State election be enough to see the Miles Labor Government re-elected?

And if the Government loses the election to the LNP Opposition, will the new Government allow the 50 cents public transport fee to continue?

We shall watch with interest.

• Kim Richards with a 50 cent piece ready to board our passenger ferries!



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