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A CHRISTMAS LETTER FROM LILAH TO COUSIN OLIVER! Our front cover in this December Issue features Lilah Grant and Oliver Thompson. Lilah (just turned 7) and Oliver (16 months) are cousins. They are also two of the 10 grandchildren in the Thompson family, the owners and publishers of your Friendly Bay Islander magazine and Radio FBI. To say we are proud of them, is somewhat of an understatement. All of our Christmas front covers since 2011 have featured several grandchildren. Way back then, now 15-year-old Allegra Thompson appeared regularly until she was joined by her brother, Ari. Lilah Grant has featured for the past seven years; her earliest when she was a tiny button with a Santa hat and placed in a Christmas stocking in 2016. And now young Oliver joins the lineup in a tradition that we intend to maintain. So, as a special Christmas treat, this year we also offer our readers LILAH’S CHRISTMAS LETTER! Already a proficient reader and writer, these are all her own words, although we did help with the punctuation! LILAH’S CHRISTMAS LETTER “I love Christmas it is my favourite time of the year. “In my house we set up three Christmas trees; one is gold and white, one is pink and gold and I have a small green and red tree in my bedroom. “At the start of December we make a ‘good deed’ advent calendar. I write down nice deeds to do for each day of the month. “Mummy also wraps books and puts them under the tree for me to open and read each day. “We love listening to Christmas Carols and singing when we see the Christmas lights. Watching Christmas movies is our favourite thing to do. “We always go to the Christmas Carols on the islands and White Christmas at Movie World. “Last year mummy and I sang at the Christmas Carols on Russell Island. “Every Christmas Eve we go to Uncle Daniel’s and do Christmas craft with the family. We bake cookies and make reindeer food to leave out for Santa. “Christmas morning is special because it is Jesus’ Birthday! We do our stockings very early then we cook up a huge feast for lunch. “After lunch we open more presents have dessert then a swim in the pool. “Christmas Day is the funnest day of the whole year. “Love from Lilah!”



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