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Three Macleay Island men were arrested in association with a major vandalism event on Karragarra Island on Wednesday March 10.

It is believed the three men had decided to visit Karragarra to celebrate a birthday.

However, it is believed they became so intoxicated, they were refused entry on the last ferry from the island.

It is believed it was then the rampage started, much of it witnessed by several island residents.

Extensive damage was done to the toilets adjacent to the Karra Beach and picnic areas, and it is alleged they then broke into two island vehicles, obtained the keys, and caused further damage to those vehicles.

It is alleged they drove a white utility into the culvert, damaging some safety rails and signage in the process.

Another utility was also taken and driven on a joy ride and left in a dangerous position.

The day after the incident, Sgt Graham Edges of Redland Bay Police, told The Friendly Bay Islander at that stage, none of the three arrested had been charged with any offence because of their state of cognisance due to excess consumption of alcohol.

That changed later on when the offender for the Karragarra Island incident was issued with a Notice to Appear in Cleveland Magistrates Court on 22/4/2021.

He has been charged with 2 x unlawful use of a motor vehicle and 1 x wilful damage.

• Damage to one of the toilets



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