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DAMAGE TO MACLEAY ISLAND TURTLE ARTWORK ‘ACT OF A SCUMBAG’ Macleay Island artist Darren Goleby, is not a very happy man at the moment. Darren painted the magnificent Turtle that graces the back of the Macleay Island passenger terminal. It heralds a brilliant and lovely ‘welcome’ to islanders and visitors alike as the walk off the passenger ferries onto the island. However, in recent weeks the painting has been ‘defaced’ with someone attacking the painting with a black spray can of paint. Many in the island community are livid at the unnecessary damage caused. Darren Goleby labelled the perpetrator a ‘scumbag’. Cr Mark Edwards agreed with Darren. “Why do some people have to deface everything or anything that is important to a community.” The councillor says that anyone who tries such an act in the future will most certainly get caught. “When the new jetties are in place on all the islands, surveillance cameras will be in place aimed at providing added security to people and amenities. “They will overlook community contributions such as the Turtle on Macleay Island and the Mosaic on Russell Island,” Cr Edwards said. The person or person responsible for the damage to the painting need to be especially wary. Darren Goleby would like to meet them ‘in person’ and it might not be a too friendly encounter. If anyone knows the person who carried out the act of damage, please contact island police.

• Darren Goleby

• The damage to the Turtle painting.

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