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ACHIEVES HIS LIFETIME DREAM OF AN ISLAND TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS A new resident on our islands is 34-year-old Alex Flatias. Alex lives his life in a very positive way with Cerebral Palsy. He was introduced to us by his island carer, Julie, who admits that Alex could also be a bit of a ‘chick magnet’. She told us: “Alex has a very engaging personality and is very outgoing.” We got to meet Alex over coffee and he told us how ‘proud’ he is to have his own ‘tiny home’ on Macleay Island. It has been his long time ‘dream’ and is so happy that it has now finally come true. His family originally hails from Uraguay, although Alex himself was born a true-blue dinky-di Australian. Prior to coming to our islands, Alex lived at Mount Tamborine where he became well known for his ‘rock paintings’. In fact, he only needs to look at a rock to know exactly what he can do with it, artistically speaking! Alex started rock painting when he was 18 and what he likes about rock painting is that it is ‘easier, the designs come to me naturally, and it is ‘imaginative’. So much so that many of his rock paintings grace many gardens in the Mt Tambourine area, and you may have already seen some of them if you have every visited the ‘Fairy Garden Church’ on the famous Gold Coast hinterland mountain. Although Alex has only lived on our islands for a few months, Julie has been taking Alex two days a week to various ‘natural locations’ and nature walks on Macleay Island where he gets inspiration for his ‘rock art’. You also may be interested to know that Alex has made a name for himself as a pretty impressive ‘Elvis’ impersonator. And he has all the ‘gear’ to go with it! In fact, carer Julie has already had talks with some local music identities on the islands, and in particular Ellie Hart, and he hopes to put on and island Elvis performance. Alex also has another ‘dream’ that is about to come true. He has always wanted to go on a cruise ship, and that is going to happen early next year. He will be going along with a good mate, along with carer Julie and her husband. Alex told us: “I can’t wait!” You have a great time Alex!!

• Alex Flatias and his Rocks on Macleay



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