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RUSSELL ISLAND AMBULANCE DUO SAVE ROSS THOMPSON (Most of the information in this story was provided by the Queensland Ambulance Service). Russell Island Ambulance officers have been at the forefront again in recent days. During the August 6 tragic fire, there was the heroic story of, Byron Tyrer, who pulled a family out of the adjoining burning home on Russell Island. In his first week back to work after the devastating house fires, he was called to the home of 82-year-old great-grandfather Ross Thompson, a retired journalist and radio man who moved to Russell Island from the Gold Coast a few years ago. Ross, who had been unwell of late, was in cardiac arrest. Along with his partner and Officer in Charge Paul Burnett, both paramedics worked tirelessly on Ross. They shocked him eight times with a defibrillator and miraculously got a heartbeat back. Ross was then airlifted to the mainland for further treatment before returning to the Island to continue his recovery. A few days ago, Byron and Paul visited Ross and were beyond pleased to see him doing so well. Ross has no doubt that his life was saved by Byron and Paul that day. "I am eternally grateful to the two young heroes for their disciplined approach to this incident," said Ross. "Apparently there was no panic and they helped coordinate the efforts of pilots, neighbours, and a nurse who was passing by." Amazing efforts by Byron and Paul to give Ross a new lease on life! We're all happy to see you doing so well, Ross! Keep smiling. (The Friendly Bay Islander featured Ross Thompson in a story a few months ago).

Byron and Paul with cardiac survivor Ross Thompson.



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