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LISA WILKINSON THE LATEST TO APOLOGISE TO ANDREW LAMING Former Member for Bowman, Dr Andrew Laming, has received another apology over a saga of incorrect claims. This time the apology comes from the Ten Network’s high profile personality, Lisa Wilkinson, and involves an apology for defamation. Dr Laming said he is ‘relieved’ that the latest apology has been delivered nearly 14 months after Nine News broadcasts in March of 2021. The Wilkinson apology follows in the wake of a long list of media and political identities who have deleted their tweets and have publicly apologised to Dr Laming. “I won’t be truly vindicated until the original publisher of the false allegations takes responsibility or is otherwise held to account,” the former Member for Bowman said. Dr Laming further added: “the belated actions by Keneally and Wilkinson are welcome and represent a milestone in holding republishers of the original material to account. What Australia witnessed last year was a pandemic of gender hysteria, where anything could be said about a male, so long as the complaint was from a female. Hopefully Australia is in a better place with what has transpired since.” Dr Laming’s defamation action against Nine is listed in the Federal Court for October. Dr Laming is represented in those proceedings by high profile legal representatives Rebekah Giles and Sue Chrysanthou SC.

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