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ANDREW LAMING’S POLITICAL READ COMES IN FOR SOME HIGH PRAISE! Former Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming, has come in for some high praise with the publication of his new book. How Australia’s Leadership Played the Pandemic is the title. Andrew Laming told The Friendly Bay Islander he has used his time well since the last Federal election in writing the book. Some of the comments have been expansive and extensive. He describes his book in this way; “In this new world of Covid prohibitions, there was little appetite for a measured approach. “The political risk of criticism for an inadequate response was simply too great. “My view was that the precautionary approach justified going hard early, but once the science was available, we had to start being guided by it, rather than by fear or political self-preservation. “State Governments as service providers didn’t have a dog in the fight. It was the Commonwealth writing the cheques that did,” Laming explains. Commentators have assessed the publication Vickki Campion commented: “Laming’s wit and sculpted prose along with his willingness to tell hard truths even where he disagrees with his own actions creates a must-read. “It reminds us of a career ripped away by a jihad based on falsehoods, and leaves readers begging the question why this man isn’t still in Parliament.,”she said. Marcel von Pfyffer of Arminius Capital observed: “Laming has observed first-hand a bewildering period in Australian political history, with his rigorous assessment of government action (and inaction!) during the COVID era. “His unassailable medical and business credentials as a medico and Harvard graduate make him one of the all-too-few politicians in this country to have genuine credibility when he speaks. “Our children will look back in a few decades at the inflationary effects of economic handouts and wonder what our current leaders were thinking. :As Laming reveals from the inside, COVID risks leaving us in a black hole of political, medical and economic mediocrity in the midst of volatile geopolitics. And Dr Peter Sumich stated: “We need people like Lammo in politics to cut through the crap and bring ideas to Parliament.” Many islanders will probably be interested in the read. It is available online via Try Booking at It is published as a paperback, consists of 190 pages and is available for $34.95

• Andrew Laming with his book at his recent book launch event.



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