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GET BEHIND MG CAR ART UNION TO AID BELEAGUERED RUSSELL ISLAND RSL CLUB Someone is going to win a brand new MG saloon come this Australia Day. The art union was established by promoter Kevin Kelly prior to the shock closure of the club’s doors two weeks prior to Christmas. The brand new car is a magnificent prize, but the art union has been hurt because of the club closure. That’s why Kevin Kelly is keen to get tickets sold prior to Australia Day, Wednesday January 26. Kevin is hoping the club will have opened its doors by Australia Day, but that may not be the case depending on a number of factors. However, the art union draw for the car has to go ahead because of the specific regulations pertaining to art unions. Whatever the club situation, the the art union draw will be taking place around 3pm on the club site, or grounds, by State MP Kim Richards. Someone will be winning the MG as well as the other fantastic prizes. Art Union Ticket Details; First Prize; White Auto MG 3 Core Proudly supplied by OLDMAC MG 62 Shore Street Cleveland, Second Prize; LG 420L Bottom Mount Refrigerator & Samsung Dishwasher proudly supplied by The Good Guys Capalaba, Third Prize; Hisense 75 Inch A7G 4K UHD Color Television proudly supplied by The Good Guys Capalaba, Fourth Prize; $500 Bendigo Visa Debit Card. The Art Union tickets are $10.00 each in books of 10. You do not have to be at draw to win. If you are a winner, you we will contacted. Tickets are on sale now via email: or at a number of locations on the islands in the coming days.

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