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Better Business


The Redland City Council budget that is featured in this edition, is very kind to island business. The general rate rise is just 1.7%; one of the lowest rate increases from any council in Australia. We have noted elsewhere in this edition that the Gundagai council in NSW has increased their rates by a massive 53%. The areas that have an impact on island business is the capital works spending on our island jetties and our roads. Both, directly and indirectly, result in more money being spent on our islands; which, as we know, spreads throughout the entire island community. We know that Cr Mark Edwards has worked extremely hard to get the message across about previous lack of infrastructure for our islands. It looks like we are making up some leeway!


Michelle Brown’s popular Macleay Pets Plus on Macleay Island has moved from its High Central Road address and has offering island HOME DELIVERY. Michelle decided to make the change recently, making it a great service for island pet owners. All you have to do is to contact Michelle online or by phone, and she will bring your order to your door! You can’t get much more convenient than that. Michelle stocks everything for you pets and pool supplies. If you order by 1pm weekdays, you will receive same day delivery! You can contact Macleay Pets Plus to order by phoning 0490 675 222, email or go to her website


The process for Redland City Council to appoint a successful tender for car sharing to our islands at the Weinam Creek Car Park, seems a ‘slow process’. We have been advised that Council has closed the Expressions of Interest for a permanent Car Share spaces at the Marina. Bay Islands Car Share has been selected to proceed to the next selection round and will be submitting a tender when asked. The process is likely going to take some months and the successful tender may not be known until the end of the year. In the meantime Bay Islands Car Share has secured a whole yard for private parking 400m from the marina. All cars are now located in the same spot. This means no more searching for cars; no cars occupying car share spaces and no more confusion; which is fantastic for all users.

  • Aaron Pipcorn from Bay Islands Car Share advises that they have now added a new car bringing the total fleet to seven; so members can now always get a car when they need one. Aaron has done the ‘hard yards’ with the service and the process. Let’s hope there is a fair and reasonable outcome in Bay Islands Car Share favour.


With all the building work going on around the islands at the present time, Green Electrical services are likely to prove in demand. Phil McGrory is the electrician and Green Electrical is his business. Phil provides all electrical services including all home electrical, lights, fans, TV and new house work as well. You can give him a call on 0418 787 756.


Danny Boyle is providing plastering services to the Bay islands. Located on Russell Island, he is available for all plaster work involving home builds, commercial plastering and plaster repairs. If you are in need of a plaster, you can phone Danny on 0411 171 577.


William the Tiler is providing tiling and water proofing on our islands. He works on all the islands and is a specialist tiler of bathrooms, kitchens, renovations and commercial tiling. You can find out more by phoning William on 0457 439 065.


Radio FBI, a division of The Friendly Bay Islander, is on the move. The on-line radio station has been completely revamped in recent weeks and has a new sound and presentation. To any advertisers of The Friendly Bay Islander, Radio FBI has a special offer of TWO MONTHS FREE RADIO FBI advertising. You will have received an email from us in relation to this, and all you have to do is to reply to the email and we will get it into production for you. It includes professional voice over, production and editing. If you haven’t downloaded the Radio FBI app already, do so NOW. It is available for FREE on the APP Store. Get listening to great music with ALL ISLAND CONTENT today!


What a great event was the LUMI Lantern Event held recently on Russell Island. It was a cold and windy night. but the wonderful and imaginative lanterns were embraced by islanders and the outcome was just spectacular. Just after dusk a procession of young and old islanders from all the Southern Bay islands provided a spectacular parade, before they were cleverly hosted into the largest tree at The Farm setting adjacent to the resilience centre. Lots of attractions with food etc, and the cold wind made the huge bonfire (lit by the volunteer firies) extremely popular. It was a wonderful, positive event and we hope it will become a regular festival on our island calendar. It was good for island business, residents and island morale.


With May being Small Business Month, the Queensland Government has recently launched information about $25 million committed over the next two years towards three small business grant programs:

• Business Basics for new and emerging small businesses seeking to improve their core capabilities;

  • Business Boost for established small businesses wanting to advance their operational efficiencies and productivity; and

  • Business Growth Fund for those businesses looking to scale up and accelerate their growth.

These three initiatives offer financial support to empower small businesses to tackle the key challenges highlighted during recent Small Business roadshow and through the online business survey results. Information on how to apply is available at



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